Southwest Egg Toast

Paleo | Whole 30 | Gluten Free

Serving Size 1
Total time 15 Minutes



2 1/2 inch thick slices of sweet potato

2 eggs

1 handful spinach

1/2 avocado

salt and pepper to taste

1 tbs cilantro, chopped

1 lime edge, juiced

clean salsa

  • Set oven to low broil.

  • While oven is heating, slice sweet potato lengthwise about 1/2 inch thick.

  • On a microwave safe plate, heat for one minute. Flip and heat for another minute.

  • While sweet potato is in microwave, start scrambling eggs.

  • When eggs are finished remove from pan and sauté spinach until wilted.

  • Transfer sweet potato slices to the oven and broil for 2 more minutes.

  • Mash avocado in a bowl with sea salt and pepper.

  • To assemble toast, spread smashed avocado on toast, add spinach and then layer eggs on top of spinach.

  • Top with salsa, cilantro, and squeeze of lime

tips & tricks

Mix and Match Your Toppings:

add nutritional yeast, different herbs, and different vegetables.

Meal Prepping Tip:

slice a sweet potato and roast multiple slices on a pan.

scramble a large batch of eggs and store in container.

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